NE PopFest 2005 Schedule

September 15-17, 2005
The Abbey Lounge

Thursday Sept. 15Friday Sept. 16Saturday Sept. 17
6:45Max Heinegg
and the Nervous (Somerville, MA)  
Brett Rosenberg (Boston, MA)  Hank Crane (Tewksbury, MA)
7:45pome (New Haven, CT)  The Fawns (Northampton, MA)  Illustrious Day (Providence, RI)
8:45Static of the Gods (Boston, MA)  Welcome (New Haven, CT)  Auto Interiors (Somerville, MA)
9:45The Montgomerys (Boston, MA)  The Buckners (Boston, MA)  Mollycoddle (Boston, MA)
10:45Scamper (Boston, MA)  Bleu (Groveland, MA)  Mike Gent (North Providence, RI)
11:45Heavy Stud (Somerville, MA)  The Cyanide Valentine (Boston, MA)  The Shods (Lowell, MA)

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